what’s it all about?

This is a blog about me growing up, or older, or just plain old.  Up to now, I’ve been able to ignore the aging process.  I’ve never been very clever with numbers–my basic strategy is to ignore them.  This has its downside–I’m bad with finances–but it’s also positive, in that I’ve never worried about getting old.

My friend Hongchen told me that traditionally, Chinese people consider 60 the age at which you’ve lived a full life, and he told me that many people celebrate the birthdays of family and friends by purchasing a burial site or clothes intended for burial–or, I suppose, caskets and things.  This made me realize that 60 IS a big deal.  Yes, I will have been lucky to have lived that long, and damn it, I should be pleased with my life at that point.

So . . . I’m 57 now.  If I want to be pleased at 60, I have lots to do.  This blog is a way for me to get started!

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